Hey everybody! Welcome to my new and updated website! I’m super excited to bring you guys a killer site that represents my brand, what I’m all about, and also offers features like this blog that allows you to get another chance to hear from me! I’m going to be posting as often as possible, so make sure you subscribe with your email below to get my blog updates when I post them!

Since I’m launching my new site, today’s blog will be about the importance of a website. It’s an extension of your marketing and advertising, as well as a way to connect to your audience that is all YOURS. That is a big difference between social media pages and a personal website. If Facebook or Twitter or YouTube or Instagram decides to change things up, you have no say in that. A good example of that is how Facebook limits the amount of your “likes” or followers who actually see the things you post. You have to pay for advertisement to increase the amount of people who see your posts. With your website, YOU decide everything about it. It’s a great place to host important info, links to all of your social media, as well as provide opportunities for potential clients/fans/people to get in contact with you and see what you’re all about. It’s also a great place to collect emails or contact info from people who are invested and interested in your brand. Those are the people who are most valuable to you as supporters. If you put your email down below and subscribe to my blog, it’s a gesture that you are interested in what I do and who I am, and it’s an honor to have your support!  

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